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My husband always orders a pastrami sandwich at Subway, and they always look at him funny when he says he doesn't want it heated, as if it is the most unusual thing that they have heard. Today he went to a 'new' Subway, and the pretty much REFUSED to sell it to him without heating it up.

I would think it was out of ignorance, but come on: you can buy it in a store as cold cuts (operative word being COLD cuts) but these dumbasses didn't even think they could see it without heating it up. Not sure if anyone else has had this problem?

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There is no health risk as pastrami is fully cooked.


I lie to them, telling them I'm taking it home to heat it and they give it to me raw.


Wow. 'juggs' you win '*** retard of the year' award.

Firstly, don't call someone ignorant if you don't know the difference between 'your' and 'you're'.

Secondly, try to capitalise the first letter in the word directly after a period.

Thirdly, since when, realistically, was pastrami not a 'regular deli meat'? If you consult the following wiki you will see on list of cold cuts, pastrami is there. This is because it is a completely 'regular deli meat'.


Fourthly, do you actually know what pastrami is?

You compared it to raw steak. My guessing is you haven't a *** clue you complete ***.

The only ignorant person here is you.

The only reason ANYONE wants to kill themselves is after speaking to you. Goodbye.


If a subway doesn't heat up you're meat that has to be toasted and you get it cold and get sick from it you could sue them. all sandwiches are like that that are not regular deli meats.

if they ask if he wants it heated up its cause you can either get it toasted or just the meat heated. its people like you that make fast food employees want to kill themselves.

they don't get paid enough to deal with ignorance. would you order a raw steak and expect them to not say it needs to be cooked......


Some meats require to be heated up for health reasons. But when those working behind the counter try to explain that to a customer, the customer seems to throw a hiss fit. So yea, if you got the response from more than one subway there's a reason for it.


Yeah for certain sandwiches we are not allowed to go without heating it up, so suck it up and quit ***


Why do they always ask....because *** morons believe they are the center of the universe when ordering food from a restaurant, and complain time and again when people just automatically do something they're supposed to without asking first.

So in order to keep the peons happy, they train employees that they must always ask, even if it is something they are required to do. And then the workers get sick and tired of constantly telling everyone that says no, that they have to, it's a legal thing, and instead just want to get them out of the store as fast as possible.

It's going in your stomach anyways, just eat the *** thing warm, will it really kill him???


If it is a legal health risk, then why do they ALWAYS ask if he would like it heated up? Is that something they are required to ask about every sandwich?

Why not just say it's a legal health risk?

And anon in GA, no offense at dumbasses meant.... I am sorry you get treated like *** there by customers. I love Subway and have NEVER been rude to employees since they always do such a good job on my sandwiches.

I hope people start being nicer to you. :)


We do not serve certain foods cold as it is a legal health risk, if it happens at more than one it is not everyone else. Customers are rude to us all day and treat us as if we're not human beings, and we keep a smile. Then we get called dumbasses on the internet.

Kholargos, Attica, Greece #300369

Seems you and you moronic husband are the only ones with this problem



That is really strange, because when I go to Subway, I always have to insist they heat my sandwich and you can tell they would prefer to skip that extra step.

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