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During a visit to a Port-o-Subs in Stead Nevada, a worker there was dumping one of those disgusting yellow industrial mop buckets, then put the mop and bucket down, donned a pair of gloves and proceeded to make my sandwich. With the Bun in her hand, I stopped her and asked (with a bit of disgust in my voice) if she could please wash her hands first and put on fresh gloves.

Six months later (now at Subway Stead Nevada) I was standing in line. The same lady was now working at Subway. When my turn came I realized she had dashed off to the back and sent someone else to take my order. I guess I am a *** for expecting employees to have at least a minimum of food safety concern.

When I went back again a couple weeks later (at 11:00 alone in the store with the manager) I asked the manager what her problem was. He immediately started laughing because after I left she had made a big deal of what a *** I was. In my defense I told him what my experience with her was. Guess what, I went back today.

She was there again. As soon as I was in front of the counter she confronted me and accused me of slandering her. The manager was now defending her. Wow, I guess at Subway management doesn't care that their employees do.

PS. It's only slander when it's not true.

Guess what? you are suppose to wash your hands after handling money and before putting on your gloves.

Review about: Subway Sandwich.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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seems like your extra salty and have some kind of grudge with this girl, i mean holding on to something like this for six months. I also believe you said alot more to her than just "can you please wash your hands" because i for one run away from people with attitudes and such, and i wouldnt remember something small like that after half a year, and especially when you changed your tune and said "after handling money" i thought i was mop bucket. oh well -_-.

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