It is not an isolated incident but a series of bad experiences that alienated me to the Sub that I had been an ardent lover of since 2005.

It began a few months back with burnt and hard paneer in the subs couple of times and. Response on asking - it happens by mistake if paneer is cooked for too long. I stopped having paneer sub

Next, my in laws were here visiting me and I offered them a sub. All of us has do throw away the subs as the bread was hard and stale. When I went to the store complaining, I was told to take it up with someone else I don't remember who. Subway lost the chance to hook on to 3 new customers that day.

Latest: Went for a Sub, when making the sandwich, some of the salads - i guess tomato and pickles spilled onto the adjacent area (not very clean) and the guy picked it all up and placed it back on. How unhygienic - not something I'd seen in US, UK or Australia.

Minor problems like occasional unavailability of olives or pickles etc., the unwillingness to add extra salad or more sauces or salt and pepper seem nothing compared to these. But all of these together have ruined the experience.

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