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... I just want a little of that thing, not twice as much of it as I would normally get. Educate your employees that some toppings should be used sparingly, and "I want a little" doesn't mean "I want a ton of this."

Here's my letter to subway:

I would like to complain about the employees who add the toppings to the subs.

When I ask for "just a little brown mustard" and "just a little hot green peppers" I don't mean that I want a ton of brown mustard and a huge handful of hot peppers. I asked for cucumber and got 4 slices on a footlong, but I ask for "a little" hot green peppers (I even made the pinching sign w/ my hand indicating I just wanted a tiny amt) and the guy tosses on a TON of spicy picked green peppers. Likewise, when asking for "a little" brown mustard, that doesn't mean I want a continuous squeeze back and forth 4+ times.

Could you please educate your employees that brown mustard and pickled hot green peppers are strong toppings? This happens every time I go to this particular store, and has happened occasionally at other locations. I'm going to stop eating at subway if they can't understand that those spicy acidic toppings are strong and they don't need to pile them on (especially when asked explicitly not to!) Thank you.

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Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States #543182

You ask for a little, we put a little, and you get an attitude to "Put more on there please" Make up your *** mind. It's you customers that make us run out of stuff much faster. And just because we're out of a certain topping, doesn't mean you get an entire hand full of something else.


we're supposed to start with 3 of most veggies for 6 inch, but its customers who complain about getting to little veggies on it that makes us put more of things on i agree with you though, you actually have a valid complain compared to other morons who complain about why we ask if you want lettuce on your BLT. cause we don't wanna get yelled out if you wanted spinach instead

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