Saugatuck, Michigan
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I went to the Subway in Saugatuck, MI. I ordered a tuna sub on whole wheat.

The girl who made it was Lindsey. She slapped it together like she didn't care how it looked. When I opened the sandwich all of the toppings were coming out the sides. Half of the tomatoes were not even on the sandwich anymore.

I really hate having to rebuild my sandwich before I can even eat it. I might as well have gotten a knife and for to eat it. The sides of the bread split open and stuff was coming out both sides. I ordered a six inch sub and the half she pulled out was not an even half.

I have really had it. If I want a sandwich that looks like a 3 year old made it I will have a 3 year old make it for me.

Review about: Subway Sandwich.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $4.

Preferred solution: How about someone talking to Lindsey and asking her if she would like to eat the kind of sandwiches she is making. If she can't care enough about how satisfied her customers are get rid of her and hire someone who does..

I didn't like: Was not happy.

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and these are the very people who demand $15/hr as a minimum wage!


Then why not make the sandwich yourself since you have the attitude of a three year old. Funny calling an adult woman a girl Nancy when you have the attitude of a three year old child.

to KevinRichards #890127

Actually, Kevin, there was only meat and 2 other ingredients on the sandwich and I did say something, but apparently she did not hear me. It would be refreshing if you could respond without all the unnecessary vulgarity no matter what the age group you are addressing. Your mother should wash your mouth out!

to Anonymous #890135

At least I don't go around calling grown women girls. You are the one acting like a three year old Nancy.

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