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HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Visited Subway My family craved a Subway meatball sub after ordering 3 the rep said "we're out" I replied "out of meatballs?" rep.."yes" in disbelief my husband asked "for the rest of the day?" rep,,,,"no but it will take 15 minutes!" I asked why didn't he tell us, we were planning to dine in and would have waited.

Agitated he shrugged his shoulders, went to the back and continued eating HIS meal. I reluctantly paid for the sandwiches (made by the second rep) and went elsewhere to purchase food for my hungry, PISSED husband.

Review about: Subway Sandwich.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #546018

sounds like you tried asking the guy that was on his break. your poor fat, miserable husband.


Did you order the sandwhiches all at once, or were they making them one at a time (in typical aubway fashion)? If you said, 4 meatball subs please, and they didn't inform you of the wait that isn't excellent customer service but it still wouldn't qualify as horrible.If you ordered your sandwhiches one at a time... it's possible that your outrage is unnecessary.

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