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have been known subway for years and had visited several subway locations right from East coast to West Cost of North America(including Canada)... my over all openion and experience about they is just die of hunger but do not step in their resturant.

First of all they have terrible customer service....

looks like thats how they train employees to serve people.... Never serve the order with smile... for veggi lovers this place is a big NO No... never change gloves or knives...

put the cheese back in the container after putting on meat sandwich. also i have seen them throwing veggis back in the container after putting on the meat sandwiches.... several times i have seen that the customer would have ordered one kind of cheese and they put in different kind...

if the customer reminded of the right kind they are suppose to throw the cheese off the sandwich and put the right cheese... instead they put the cheese back into container from the sandwich..eewww...

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Learn how to type first off. I did not understand what you're commenting about.

I don't see nothing wrong with a piece of cheese going on a bread and being put back into the container. Unless it has mayo, etc all over it it should be thrown out.

And since you have certain preferences on how your sandwich is made you should let them know. Employees (like myself) are not mind readers and do not know what you're ordering unless you open your selfish mouth and say something.

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