I recently went into a Subway in the Marrero,La Walmart. I was told that since I ordered a Kids meal sub that they have to cut some off of it.

I had heard this at different locations in the New Orleans and also in MS. I asked why and they looked around and told me that their manager would get very mad at them if they gave me the 6 inch instead of the 4 inch sub. because then people would catch on and decide to get Kids meals instead. I then asked them what they did with the discarded piece and they said that they just throw it away.

My son was standind there looking at someone just wasting food and I could see on his face how apparently wrong this all seemed to him.

A child actually got what I was getting at and they kept on defending their actions. Well they sure showed us...they put it in the garbage (the 2 inch piece of bread) NOW NO ONE CAN GET THIS PIECE OF BREAD.

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I recently had the same experience. I understand some of the comments as to why do i care what they do with the excess and you get what you pay for.

However, with all the children in this world that go to bed without a meal at night there has to be a better solution than just trashing it. Could they not save these pieces and donate them to a local shelter?

I know children that literally in the summer time get one meal a day. Restaurants like Subway could really help out there community's.

Wausau, Wisconsin, United States #1188600

Hey there I just read your comment, and I would like to inform you the employees are suppose to cut the bread in 3rds so most stores do it the right way, anyways you should inform the people there of this

San Clemente, California, United States #1104685

We had the same experience and my kids were HORRIFIED, having helped staffed the local food pantry. You'd think if more people pressured them, they could figure out a way to get this wasted bread eaten.


OH NOOOOOOO!! I'd just throw the 2 inches of empty bread at you and tell you to *** off.


I'm pretty sure all subways do it. Which Is why the kids meal is cheaper then the full 6 inch with a meal.

If it's that's much of a deal to u get a six inch and make it a meal instead of whining about that u don't get the same item for a less price just cuz it's called a kids. "Some people"


I thought they were supposed to cut a loaf into three 4" pieces. That way there is no waste. They can serve three kids meals without having to throw out anything.

to Tam Wake Forest, North Carolina, United States #813148

Most likely what this person "forgot" to mention was they originally ordered the six inch sub, then changed their mind after they already put all the items on and then got upset when they threw the 2 inches out hoping to get six inches for the prices of four inches because they cannot afford to pay for the six inch sub after spending their foodstamp money on beer.

Nutley, New Jersey, United States #803876

You can not pay for 4" and expect to get a 6"

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous Markham, Ontario, Canada #811099

You have that right, but what difference does it make if they are throwing it out, they still lose money. they have foot long subs, why not cut those three times for a kids sub instead.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #780813

Thats really a waste of bread. Where I work, you cut 3" of the bread, and use the other as just a 6" if someone orders a 6"...

That owner should really look at how much bread he is wasting doing that.

But if they want to lose money buying more bread, then that's on them.

I wouldn't worry about it. They might not want to be in business anyway.

Nashville, Tennessee, United States #772573

I work at Subway, and I just eat the extra. You pay for a 4 inch sub, so don't worry about company waste. In my case, someone does get the extra piece of bread: me.

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #754681

If Subway wants to order one size of bread for all subs and then cut it and throw the excess away, why would you care? You are paying for a child's sub, not an adult's.

Subway owns the bread and can do with it what it wants.

You need to mind your own business. If you don't like what they are doing, go elsewhere.


Were you expecting to get the extra bread? And not get charged for a 6 inch?

That's the reason we toss it.

You really wasted the time to rant on this site for two inches of bread? You are what's wrong with this world.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous Markham, Ontario, Canada #811097

Whatever happened to cutting a 12 inch loaf three times for the kids sub.

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