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I went to order a foot long buffalo sub today and upon arriving i noticed that most of the customers had no idea where the line started. After about 5 minutes into waiting i put in my order and waited for the girl to begin making the sub.

Before she began even working on my sub, the girl moved on to the customer behind me taking her order and being she did not have the necessary items to make what the customer behind me ordered, she went to the back looking for a missing sauce as i stood there trying to understand why she had not even commenced on the order i put in. Keep in mind that there were two associates there and they both left the front to go looking for this sauce. When they finally came out from the back they started searching through the front of their working space for this sauce. After what seemed like 5 minutes, the girl returns to her station asks that i repeat what kind of cheese i wanted on the sub.

I did so and she then baked it. She placed my sub into the oven then went back to taking the order of the customer behind me. My sub was buzzing in the oven and this girl was moving on to the next customer. Finally her coworker walks up from the back minutes later announcing that she had found the sauce and they stood there talking and debating on whether or not this customer should change her order or not.

I have been to other subways and never have i experienced anything like this. I had my family waiting in the car and being i had the keys to the car i cancelled my order and explained to the girl that i wanted to cancel it and i voiced as to why i was cancelling it stating that she had taken the order for someone else and made me wait when i was in line first, at that time the second coworker intervened telling me OK THEN BYE! Rudely and abruptly. As i have said i have been to other subway locations and my experiences have been awesome.

From Jupiter to west palm beach this was by far my worst experience. I am not asking for any form of compensation I only ask that these managers be more careful as to who they are hiring to work at these stores. I spend money at subway not only because of the quality but also because i love to support businesses that show they care about the customers.

Today i felt as if i was just a number and i was on these girls times. Please review the camera at that location and please look into this matter before it happens to someone else.

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I do not think the amount of an employees paycheck should reflect how they treat a companies consumers. If they felt as if they were getting paid a salary that does not reflect their services they should get other jobs or go to school and educate themselves on landing careers.

These girls had no excuse. I wish these mega corporations would invest the money into hiring the better qualified candidates instead of how fast they can get rid of a customer or how fast they can make a sub.

to Lorraina #725385

honey then they would take the "fast" out of fast food. to the guy who made the comment you made too many needless observations.

the wandering herd of sheeple is not their concern if they do not have common sense.

your family in the car, if it is busy, and by god you can tell it is once you go in, tell them to wait in the restraunt if not leave the keys, that is not THEIR fault. the girl making your sandwhich and i know since i work at a subway we move one customer to the next person on the line, to move it faster, they got distracted by the missing sauce, it happens to the best of us, honest mistake, since you voiced no concern till the end you looked inconsiderate to the person behind you (because i bet their opinion of their customer service would be vastly diffrent) yes they shouldve gotten you first i agree but you shoulve said something in the beginning to remind them, it happens.


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Cleveland, Ohio, United States #725142

Why do we hire the most incompetent and/or lazy-assed people in the United States to prepare our food. We pay them sh#t & get sh#t in return. I'll never understand...

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