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Subway isnt as fresh as they claim. Soon you will hear the full story in graphic detail, what took place at Subway rest. in Wichita, Ks. on 1-6-2-11 . You will view a video blog of the worse experience you can imagine at Subway. This Video & photo's will be the Top of the Internet news. Red alerts will be going off at the Health department. Subway sales will drop when the news hits the world. Sorry I have to save the details for the dramatic shocking visit to subway. Customers beware.... Pay close attention what goes on your Subway sandwich, because the Employees arent.

Your Health can be at risk, and in my case, my life could have been at risk. But I had to bring this seriously gross sandwich issue to Subways attention. Next is the World Wide Web, which will counter act to the unknown. But I promise it will be in the news everywhere. The situation will be presented professionaly, so what type of sandwich will you get ?

Type-A, or Type-B I promise this true story will gross the WORLD out !

Im looking for the correct Rest. news corp. to layout the story on paper form, as Ill handle the Internet side, with the Pictures & video's.


Wichita, Ks.

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So where i this video and pics??




So has your story hit the air waves yet, cause ive yet to hear anything.As far as sales dropping doesn't look like thats happening cause the subway I work at has been suuupppper busy the past 2 weeks.


Okay...... Subway made their phone calls, Now you gonna Hear about the Bloody Details of a "NON-FRESH" Subway.....

Buy the Post testing shirt on Ebay. Ill be atatching the Auction number soon, as a Comment here. But also on only Social media sites.

Eat this Fatal sandwich... Ok


Hmmm. I was going to guess that you had a s*h*i*t sandwich, but someone told me that you don't like bread.

Momence, Illinois, United States #235751

Email me, if you have any guess of what was on my Sandwich, which was so gross & unhealthy.

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