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I saw the TV ads for Subway sandwich, drove out of my way to taste, for the first time. a "Foot Long".

The store was busy, which I thought was a good sign the food was selling fast and would be fresh. I was wrong. The counter guy kept asking if I wanted the sandwich toasted. Maybe because the bread was so stale it crumbled up, fell apart in pieces, and then the contents of the sandwich fell out.

I think if they are going to invest in a massive TV marketing campaign they should first make sure they can supply the product, especially have fresh bread. Tarrytown Road, White Plains, NY store.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $6.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Bread.

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They notoriously sell old bread. The toasted option masks this fact.

I have on several occasions asked for bread freshly baked today. The response... All our bread is baked daily. And then they proceed to give you bread baked the day before.

When I bring it back they offer to remake it and then suddenly pull a bun out of a different bread holder which is finally fresh.

This happened to me over and over. My big pet peeve

to Anonymous #1507670

Yes! Same here! I asked for a fresh loaf and she looked pissy at me and all our bread is baked fresh...and it was STALE!You have to find a good well run store and stick with that one.


Most of the time the bread is not fresh.

Stores do not throw out bread from the day before.

They will sell bread from the day before even if

They baked bread during that day.

Many items are old and not fresh at Subway.

Old bread is kept in plastic bags which keep It from getting stale quickly. Even meats and veggies are not discarded when They should be. Buyer Beware.


Subway keeps bread overnight and uses it if you come in before 11am. I only found this out when I happened to stop by to grab a sub for lunch, on the way to work.

They claim they can't possibly be expected to thaw out the dough, let it rise, and get it backed before 11. I was aghast and refuse to eat somewhere that touts "FRESH" all over the place, and then serves stale bread in the morning.

to Anonymous Herndon, Virginia, United States #1270100

My sentiments exactly, when I discovered this last year. I would rather buy a sandwich from 7-11 than Subway.

to Anonymous Naples, Florida, United States #1274070

Forgive me, but you are an ***. Bread baked yesterday and used today is not stale. What planet are you from?

to LadyScot #1358367

Subway tastes weird and hard and becomes stale overnight... presumably because it doesn't have the same level of preservatives that shop bought bread does

to LadyScot #1507676

It’s not super good and fresh! Getting a killer soft fresh sub should not be a crap shoot.


Same thing happened to me, the bread just crumbles and falls apart, it's not fresh

Richmond, Virginia, United States #972126

If you want fresh, go before peak times (ie: before lunch and dinner rushes). I'm not sure why you thought a 'foot long' would be any different than a regular sandwich from them, though. It's just a bigger sandwich, they don't sprinkle it with magic flavor enhancers.

Pierre, South Dakota, United States #972038

I think you helped the sandwich fall apart. It looks like some little kid was picking at it.

I have never had a sandwich from Subway fall apart that much. Stale bread usually doesn't fall apart, it just doesn't taste fresh. The bread would have to be dry in order to fall apart like that. I have had subs from Subway made on bread as soon as it was taken out of the oven and it will still crumble a little bit.

Foot longs aren't going to taste any different than the six inch sub. Any sub that I have ever some of the toppings to fall out. Whether or not the employee asked you if you wanted the bun toasted would more than likely depend on the type of sub you ordered.

The warm subs are usually higher priced. I think you need to grow up.

to anonymous #1164976

Stale bread is dried out bread so it will crumble into little bits and crack to pieces. Stale can mean day old or it can refer to the dried out bread that has lost its moisture due to not being fresh.

I have had Subway bread fall apart in my hands.

This person is paying for fresh bread and they did not get it. It is not a matter of "growing up" but getting the product one pays for in the condition in which it is advertised.

Portland, Oregon, United States #971949

hehe. its funny you made a review on this, thanks for that :)

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