Visited Subway today; ordered their new "special" sandwich Hot Pastrami.I had high hopes based on the commercial as it looked very appetizing and drew me to Subway.

I had a coupon. Note that the coupon could not be used for their "special" sandwich.

When I opened the wrapper I found a small bun, some what burned, compressed with the pastrami and mustard. I admit taste was there but meat was of poor quality, not cut thin enough, stringy, very chewy, and certainly not 1/2 pound of meat that they advertise.

Found the sandwich extremely lacking, would not recommend nor purchase again, might affect my visiting Subway ever again.

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Coffeyville, Kansas, United States #913662

I thought it was delish! Will have again and recommend it too.

Peru, New York, United States #913566

The pastrami sub sucks!Stringy,tough,terrible! Sent a email to Subway a month ago,haven't heard a thing.I still enjoy most of their products,but not that piece of ***!

Lynwood, California, United States #910295

Tasted like a hot dog, a really bad hot dog.

Smyrna, Georgia, United States #901908

im with you do not buy

Wilmington, Delaware, United States #900902

Wilmington DE.- had the new pastrami sandwich.

It sucked! The meat was full of actual string, fatty, and tasted like ***.

Last time I go to a Subway.They have fallen from a decent fast food meal to a real joke!


I jus got one, and it was awesome !!! Great tasting & Loaded with Meat....

Missouri, United States #895766

Let's just all to the Hat in California


I tried the pastrami, it was awful, hardly any meat at all, like a thin layer, couldn't even taste, not going back.

Lamar, Arkansas, United States #693279

bring it back to clarksville,ar. it was out befor it begain :upset :upset

Columbus, Ohio, United States #593486

You are highly unintelligent if you are not realizing what they are saying.

4oz on 6in + 4oz on 6in = 8oz on 12in .... HALF A POUND on a FOOT LONG.

They don't advertise half a pound on a 6in sub. Who orders half a sub anyway? America is fat - we eat foot longs in one sitting. Am i right?

I'm tempted to go buy a pastrami sandwich right now from subway. All of these reviews seem to come from the very one-sided, very low IQ individuals.

BTW, the subway employee person is an obvious internet troll trying to get a rise out of you, they know the truth of what I said above, they are just making you have a few blood vessels burst over this. Haha, so congrats to them.

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