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How does Subway sandwich shops get away with asking customers "would you like your sandwich toasted", yet conveniently forget to mention the additional charge for heating a sandwich; (although their equipment is already on). How is it legal that Subway can charge customers fee without telling them verbally or post it on their menu?

I have gone to several locations throughout L.A. when i ask how they can charge the additional fee when: 1) their workers Never tell the customers about the fee and 2) It's not advertised on the menu; the answer is always the same "it's a heat tax".

Ridiculous! They always "forget" to tell the customers about the fee yet never forget to yell "Welcome to Subway"!

Product or Service Mentioned: Subway Sandwich.

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Tampa, Florida, United States #553115

I can't believe that, I have worked for subway for 11 years and have never heard of anybody being charged to toast a sandwich. It shouldn't be allowed.

I would try to find out if all the stores you go to are owned by the same person.

I bet they are and the owner is just being greedy. Call the subway corporate number which is on a napkin or website because that kinda *** is not cool

Alburtis, Pennsylvania, United States #548127

it's common practice for many places anymore. I'm not saying I agree with it but what I'm saying is deal with the fact that you probably lost under 50 cents and don't go for it again.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #547969

I have never been asked that, at the Subway I go to. You could probably figure out that there would be an extra charge, by looking at the prices of the heated sandwiches.

A lot of beauty salons ask customers if they want the hair blown dry or want a little mouse in it, after they get done cutting the hair, and they don't tell a person that there will be an extra charge for it. Being I am aware of this practice,, when they ask I always say no.

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