On Friday, December 9,2016, I visited Subway on Willow Street, here in Long Beach to buy a meal. The employee, rather than greet me ,looked away, turned up the volume on the radio, and continued to ignore me.

The hip hop song he was playing spewed the lyrics “Fu** You Nigg** ***” over and over. I walked out, justifiably offended, but returned shortly there after, as there was no other food options in the area at 1:00 am. The offensive song, or one like it still played, expletives, racial epitaphs, etc. Finally, I told him to turn the music off, as I did not want to hear the word “Nigg**” while I ate, and women were present.

He said, “The music is staying on, get the *** out if you don’t like it, and told me to never say the word “Nigg**, even though , I was using it in the innocent context of communicating that I DIDN’T want to hear the word, but it was acceptable in his mind to blast the word through the stereo in the first place. I replied ; “Are you joking?”. He took off his apron, told me to step outside, calling me a “Nigg**”, came back in , pulled the table out from me, that was protecting me, got within one inch of my face, and shouted “I will kill your *** nigg*****. .

A co-worker ,and customer had to physically restrain him, telling him he was crazy. I was so fearful of his rage, I defecated in my pants and left the store, called the police, who took my report, drove me home, and I am not sure if he was arrested. All that , because a paying customer at Subway refused to hear music shouting “*** you *** nigg**” I expected an apology, but instead was told I would be killed for this. I want to share this story, as much as possible, because something needs to change.

Thank god for Subways surveillance cameras, which will show one of the worst displays of violent rage, and the most mind boggling treatment of a person trying to patronize a restaurant. And sadly, now, I’ve met with an attorney, for the first time in my life (they aren’t my favorite profession) because I am genuinely fearful that this guy is going to follow through on his theat. So, in summary, a Subway employee cased a paying customer to literally “*** his pants” because he still thinks racist, expletive lyrics in violent hip hop songs are unacceptable in restaurants, and stood up and said something about it, oh yeah, and was threatened I would pay with my life for having that believe.

Lets roll those surveillance tapes Subway. It’s a painfully ugly situation in those four minutes ,as they will see.

Product or Service Mentioned: Subway Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Revise employee training policies, reimburse me for my ruined soiled clothing, plus!!!!.

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Noblesville, Indiana, United States #1257536

hahaha, thats what you get whitey! Racist!

to Anonymous Aliso Viejo, California, United States #1257587

Tell me where in the complaint the letter writer shares with us they are white, you racist turd!

to Anonymous Markham, Ontario, Canada #1257592

Tell me why you think this is a real complaint. The person writing this complaint comes here all the time. Their username is generally BlackDontcrack and they make all sorts of troll complaints on here.

to Anonymous Ansonia, Connecticut, United States #1271201

Why would u say something like that? What did this person do wrong all he or she was try to order a sub and gets threatened by an employee.

It doesn't matter what color u r it should never should have happened. That employee needs help along with you.

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