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This is the first and so far only Subway I've been to that cuts the already cut vegetables before putting them on your sandwich. I was floored! Times are hard but GOOD GRIEF! Serve the food the way it is advertised! I was a frequent customer until then (11/28/2011). That level of cheapness disgusted me to no end. I will NEVER do business at this Subway again and will spread the word!! It is false advertising plain and simple! Others who I see doing this will have a review posted!

Subway Store # 22217

1601 Cross Link Rd

Raleigh, NC 27610, USA


Review about: Subway Sandwich.


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Penn Station East Coat Subs are better!

Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States #1000628

Look where you went! That area of Raleigh is the ghetto.

Johnson City, Tennessee, United States #930061

I don't go to subway for that reason.Jersey Mikes has much better subs than subway.

You get your money's worth. That's all anyone wants. No need to say nasty mean remarks.

That only shows ignorance..


Size of vegetables..... you're FLOORED by the size of vegetables? Holy *** dude, get a life.

to Anonymous #933814

Why don't you get a life? At least, go get some exercise, you lard@ss.


I wonder if these people commenting would say that same if McDonald's gave them half a burger patty on their burger.Subway has standards on the exact size and amount of EVERYTHING that is supposed to be on their subs.

Obviously, they are not following their standards. (Which are posted in easy to read posters in the employee area) Write to Subway and tell them that this Subway isn't following the standard.

And I love dude who called you fat for wanting more veggies.Lol...sounds like a bright b***h.

to BooHoo #933746

Let me explain to you that veggies are comparable to veggies at mcdonalds, yes we have all experienced that one slice of tomato, lettuce, onion, and one little pickle on a burger. Different owners are stingy on different things, but you know what unlike mcdonalds you can always politely ask for more veggies. the moment you compared veggies from subway to a patty from mcdonalds is the moment you went full ret@rd...

to common sense #933816

I am not the same poster who mouthed off at.That post you responded to is from 2011.

But just so you know, you are already there (at full ret@rd), you stup*d git! If you ask for more veggies, you are charged for more veggies.

If they are not giving the full amount, why should anyone have to pay extra?But your sorry dumbazz didn't think of that!

to Anonymous #933863

I don't know what Subway you go to, but the one where I live NEVER charges extra for more veggies.I've seen people get double or even TRIPLE of veggies, to the point that the sandwich artist has trouble closing the bread, and have NEVER had to pay extra.

Now cheese, bacon, and double meat? Yes, those are add-on items that you are charged for. As is avocado, when they have it.

You want to talk about going full tard and being a *** - congrats.You win.

to Anonymous #1015164

hold this L your dumb ***. Just like nancy said there is no subway that charges you extra for veggies.

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