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I'm having a huge problem at this point.I've been eating subway for years in Miami Florida.

Normally most issues I try not to even bother which actually was a huge mistake. I feel like because I just didn't make an issue with the small problems now that there's a huge issue its being ignored. This time though, I'm absolutely livid! I will not let this go.

I placed my order on the app when I got to this particular location as usual they screwed it all up first when you pay on the app it lets you pick the location closest to you the one I went to was not that close but it was the closest one, anyway upon arriving I gave them my order number was handed two foot longs i ordered one tuna, one subway club and 2 broccoli cheese soups. I asked about the soups they said they didn't have it; problem number 1 when ordering through the app it tells you if they don't have certain things like cheese or ham or whatever but it didn't say that it let me order it from that location which would've been fine if they gave me my money back when I got there but that's not what happened I was told by the manager his words were "nah we don't give refunds get on the app" that was rude as *** didn't care to even explain how the app was supposed to refund me. For the record no the app doesn't refund a *** thing. Then I leave with the sandwiches get home which is about 20 minutes "that is how bad I was craving subway" to go out of my way to get something only to be bombarded with bs" open up the sandwiches the tuna sandwich only had lettuce tuna and cucumbers which I didn't ask for no cheese on it the lettuce seemed like it had been sitting out for a while it was disappointing to say the least.

My sandwich was the subway club. I have never in 27 years had food poisoning but I did that day. Wheat bread when I ordered Italian not toasted no cheese lettuce no pickles Onions which I don't like so obviously I didn't order that on it. So it was lettuce onions mayo and the meat was ham, turkey and roast beef.

Nothing else! Which really *** me off because I did not order what they gave me. As usual I shrugged it off an decided to wait till the next day to see about the refund for the soups I was charged for but never got. After maybe 2 or 3 bites I had this funny taste in my mouth I opened the sandwich lo and behold the roast beef and the ham had this funny smell I asked a few people to check and and see if maybe I was smelling something else these things happen yet 4 people said the meat smelled sour.

I called the store for hours it's as if they snatched the phone off the hook because it kept giving a busy signal when I went there to pick up there was no customers when I left there were no customers. That tells me they weren't busy they just didn't want to be bothered and snatched the phone off the hook. Now why in the *** would they do that. Due to some medical issues I have an extremely sensitive stomach so I really have to be careful what I eat.

With that being said I was in so much pain after a while I went to the ER after explaining what I had eaten they tools test and the whole nine after seeing the doctor he said I had food poisoning. This is serious for me. I wrote subway twice that night I called the corporate to try to get someone oddly enough I waited on hold for god knows how long and no one came back I called again the day after and got hung up on. The customer service is a joke and so are the managers and employees.

They were rude and obviously incompetent when you have an order in your face and still get it wrong how long does the freaking meat stay out how do you get old lettuce in a matter of hours. I'm sure they have to refill the lettuce several times a day along with the meats and other condiments so why is it old!! I'm at my breaking point this should've never been an issue I want my money back and not just for the soups I paid for the thing with the soup has happened twice last time I said hey you know what no biggie not having it when I gotta go to a hospital from a *** sandwich. A SANDWICH!

How hard is it really to make a sandwich? It's a no brainer. 20.33$ for two sandwich both made wrong two soups missing without giving me a refund and one sandwich made with disgusting rotten spoiled meat and you can't rectify the situation? I can very easily just take the legal route, I'm prepared to do that.

Since no one will respond or respond and hang up on me and put me on hold never to come back on at the stores take phones off the hook. Unacceptable intolerable. That manager needs to be fired. His rude *** and ghetto workers I don't speak Ebonics but it seems like everyone there doesn't speak English.

If those are the faces of subway they really should reevaluate their business. I am not going to run around trying to get a solution for this issue. This will be my last time trying to get results I work hard for my money and I don't know anyone who pays for food poisoning which seems like that's exactly what happened. I want results immediately.

I've had enough of the bs. I paid my hard earned money not only was I ripped off for the soups, nothing was right on the sandwiches and then I get food poisoning from this establishment.

Put yourself in my shoes would anyone just let it ride especially when I was patient I didn't argue even though they were in the wrong to begin with I didn't take out my frustration on the cs reps even though they were brute and quick to throw me on hold just because or say one moment and hang up in my face.Enough is enough seriously.

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Subway and uploaded a picture. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Virginia, Illinois, United States #1183265

He needs to report this issue to the Health Department! They'll probably close the Subway Restaurant,and they will pay for his hospital bills


Lol. Wow.

Los Angeles, California, United States #1168630

You should call the Health Department. They love to visit restaurants that give people food poisoning.

to mike #1169593

Hmm that's not a bad idea thanks I'll do that. I still haven't gotten a response from them. Still haven't gotten my money back they really are playing with fire everyone has their breaking point.

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