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Subway is one of my favorite restuarants.On 9/25/2016 I went to Subway #13207-0, I ordered 2 chopped Chicken Salads.

The "manager" made the salads and did a *** poor way of doing them. I asked for them to be done a certain way and she did them like she wanted to. I always have my salads chopped with the chicken mixed in. She just threw the chicken on top.

I asked for one of them to have light mayo and she put 4x the amount on it. That one was for someone else and the other one was mine. Attached is a picture of mine and I paid 6.00 for it. His was $8.00 and I took that one back for a refund.

His looked like mine except a little extra chicken. The manager got mad when I gave it back to make another one and looked at it and threw it in the trash. They are the worst salads I've ever seen. Making them at home would have been better.

I got my money back for that one and kept the other one so I could send in a photo of it. That manager need more training on customer service.

I will never go there again even if it is the closes to me.I'm glad all of them are not like them.This is my second store I've had to complain about.

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Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1215037

Also I am sure you won't be missed.Since you can make a better salad at home why not make your own salad.

At least that way people don't have to deal with your attitude.

You need training on how to treat people.Also keep in mind that most of these employees have not graduated high school and are as uneducated as you are.

Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1215035

If your are over the age of zero you are perfectly capable of stirring the chicken in the salad yourself. Even a one year old just learning how to eat can stir their own food.

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