I'm probably the only person in America that feels this way, but I'm sick and tired of walking into what is advertised to the public as an American establishment, only to find that the employees speak very little to no English at all, are exceptionally rude & impatient and cheat on the portions, any way possible. Read my lips- "I will not patronize any establishment that routinely falls into this category.

I will also encourage my friends and family to do the same"! Why is there not one natural born American citizen working in these establishments?

Where is the EEOC? Or, do the federal government's anti-discrimination laws not apply here?

Monetary Loss: $5.

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I know this is an old review but I feel the same way. It is annoying to walk into a store, Subway or not, and see that none of the employees are native English speakers. It's fine if they can speak understandably, I don't have a problem with them working there. But it's annoying having to repeat myself over and over again or having to ask them to repeat themselves because they barely speak English. If you're going to work in America, you need to be understandable when you speak.

I think almost all of the Subways in New Jersey are Indian-operated. These are also the Subways that barely put anything on your sub. Which is especially annoying for me and others like me, who don't eat meat, and have to rely on vegetables to fill them up.

That's the only place I've seen a Subway ran by someone who wasn't "white". I lived in the "5 minutes from Philly" part of NJ for a few years. I live in West Virginia now and have never seen a non-American working in a Subway. It must be a regional thing.

North Aurora, Illinois, United States #650570

It's an American establishment. So they should speak the America's official language right?

Wait, America has no official language. All languages are American. This country was built on immigration and diversity.

And you're mad that an American establishment exhibits diversity.

Nowhere did you mention Subway in your post. Copy and paste and make a post about every single competitor.


Why dont you shut up anonymous-you probably get paid by Subway to stick up for all the employees. FACT-Subway over works and underpays Fact-They have sh!tty service and rude workers FACT-Restaurants could be cleaner FACT-Bait and switch (every food item is pennies to dimes for the owners--yet they give you less and charge you more) ....CONCLUSION=go to mcdonalds

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #600058

I have never had any problems with non-English speaking employees at any sub business. Who are you to say these employees aren't natural born citizens of have even been naturalized?

Just because they don't speak perfect English, doesn't mean they are foreign.

They could have a natural speech impediment, I do, and have put up with some rude remarks, from so-called professional people. I would also remind you that if they have legal immigrants working there or people with any kind of handicap they are following the government's anti-discrimination laws, I don't know why you would think otherwise.

to anonymous Alexandria, Virginia, United States #612890

I like it man,

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