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My husband was in the Subway this morning to order a foot long breakfast sandwich and was trying to explain to the employee that he only wanted the meat on half of the sandwich as I don't want meat on my half. She told him they only put meat on half the sandwich anyway.

When she got the meat to the middle of the sandwich my husband told her to go back the other way with the rest and she said oh, okay. My husband told her the light bulb finally went on and asked if she got it now. The employee rudely told him "Buddy my lights been on".

My husband told her he was not her Buddy and what she could do with her sandwich and walked out. That is the absolute worst experience we have ever had at a Subway and will not be going back to that one ever.

Product or Service Mentioned: Subway Sandwich.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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So your husband said something rude and snarky to a person serving him, and was shocked when she stood up for herself? Both you AND your husband are brain-dead lowlifes who shouldn’t be allowed around the general public if that’s how you speak to people. I hope you have the day you deserve, and your *** husband too

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