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We just got an email from Subway that they are "excited" to be changing the rewards program this summer. Like now you will get a point for spending $1 but you only get $2 off after spending $200!

With the current program you get a foot long sub for 100 points that is worth at least $6. Also currently you can get a 6 inch for 50 points that is worth over $3. You can also get smaller items for less points. They will also convert your existing rewards to the new program called "Subway My way Rewards"!

So you are losing at least $10 worth of rewards.

No wonder they are excited. Kiss your free subs goodbye!

Product or Service Mentioned: Subway Rewards Program.

Reason of review: rewards program changing.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: Don't change it! The subs are over priced to begin with so I won't go there anymore!.

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Subway offers deals on their app consistently that are way better. Stop complaining.


That’s what I thought like the buy 1 get 1 free. Problem is the franchises around me opted out.


You are telling someone on a complaint site to stop complaining?


That’s what I thought also. Thank you for your listed comments cuz I thought that it wasn’t sounding like it was right for the customer end of it, but never thought it thru.

Lol. It should have said We are excited to announce the Subway Rewards Program is changing the way we make money!




Please, whatever you get is free, people are always whining


Totally agree .. try and get a free cookie


oh sheetz did the same move btw


This greety cops are all about money Panera is the same way do theres and het like 100 dollor off a fuc..... kids meal. Like I go to Panera bread for a kids maeal give me a break


its not in the ne ohio market anywas soooo ya i dont need to kiss anything


$50 gets you 200 tokens and that become a $2 certificate.Each dollar gets 4 tokens.Plus you get surprise offers


So basically this is how it works. If you had existing rewards points Subway took those points and multiplied them by 8.

So if you had 300 points you now have 2400 tokens. SO you first got screwed there because you had enough tokens to get 3 footlong subs under the old program. Now you only have enough for 3 sybs. This is all based on the $6 footlong.

So if your someone that usually bought a club ($9 sub) you get screwed even more. The reality is you got a point for every dollar spent on the old program you had to spend $100 to get a free footlong sub. A footlong sub was 100 points. NOW, in order to get that free footlong sub (if its a club you buy) your going to need approximately $10 in tokens, to get those tokens your going to have to spend $200 now.

So the gist is this........ Subway basically cut the rewards program in half. My advice, if you have a Blimpie..... go there.

Their "Blimpie EClub" is Join the Blimpie eClub and you’ll receive an exclusive offer with every email. Buy One Get One Free Sub, $1 off any sub. So its still dollar for dollar. Oh yeah and btw, if you dont use yuor new Subway rewards, they expire in 90 days from the date you earned it.

So yes all around better program for Subway.... NOT THE CUSTOMER!!!


I wish i had a Blimpie sub shop! You just saved me alot of typing--you hit all points of their stupid new program--rip off!!!!! But you do have 12 months to use your old points/tokens!


I really do not understand the program, old and new. A receipt from last October 2017, it said I had 272 points.

Today I go online, and now the figure is 65! Points expired? Called customer service. They Converted the points.

$4 balance expired points-probably Can they put them back? Not a chance. This stinks!

Should have used up my points I guess before the so-called "conversion" which seems to have taken a long time to do so. Guess I will stick with going to WAWA or Publix to get my hoagies.


Subway is a big joke!!! I will no longer eat there due to this company trying to *** the customer's. This company complained about losing customers, well guess what they going to lose more customer's now with this joke of a program they got going on.


I had enough points to get 2 free foot long subs and all the sudden I get an email saying congratulations your points have been converted! So now instead of 2 free foot longs I have $6. WTF


Absolutely terrible way to screw customers out of free subs.


I noticed the same thing. They're selling it as an improvement but basically they devalued the points.

That is probably why they 'gave' us the special bonus when converting existing points. It is going to take more purchases now to earn the same reward.


This is crazy that they change their program for the worst program ever!!!!


Yup, you'll spend about $144.00 to get a free sub, thats roughly 24 subs compaired to 9 with the old plan!!!

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