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On May 31st.Store #7902 on Amherst highway on 29 N Madison Heights, Va.I pull up to the drive thru to order I specifically asked her was the bread hard before ordering and she stated to me that the bread was already soft so I ordered my meal get home with it and what do you know the bread is hard.

So I call back up to the store and spoke with Erin another cashier explained to her what the problem was and how far I have to drive to come back there and I would like my money back and my sub that they messed up for my inconvenience..Erin said I would need to talk with my manager which was on the premises(Joyce) she spoke with Joyce shift manager and returned to the phone and stated to come back and they would refund my money and give me another sub for the inconvenience. So I drive all the way back there and walk with the messed up food in my hand the manager (Joyce) is at the register looks up and me and puts her head back down like in not there. Erin asked if she could help me and I said yes I am and stated my name so Erin said oh yes what type of sandwiches was it and proceeded to make the sub the bread was still a little hard so Erin asked me if I wanted it heat a little and I said the mist of fixing the sub I asked her about my refund and Erin said my manager Joyce has to do it so I look down at the register where is is standing still with her head down and says no she can either have another sub or a refund. I said I called up here before returning to get all of this established before making another long trip Joyce the shift manager does not answer me but Erin says well my manager said the you can only get one or the other..I decide to take the sub get half way home and decide to take a *** because at this time it was way past dinner for me.

Pick it up to open it and the bread is brick hard harder then the last sub so I turn around go back into he store and tell the cashier to get the manager the sub is even harder Erin feels the sub and says "I don't know how that happened" At this time I am pissed not happy. The cashier Erin now says " My manager has already left for the night I can't give you a refund come back tomorrow" I was pissed but I returned the next day and spoke with Jillian Lordahl the store manager over the phone now she and a shift manager was in the store but was not trying to give me my refund back but the store manager tells me I can't get my refund back until she comes in on Monday June 5 which is five days later now mind you they have there food and my receipt where I paid my money and they are going to say I have to wait for my money back! I said you don't have a manager here all those days that can give me my money Jillian Lordahl the store manager says from the phone no.

I asked her for her managers number and she said "I can't give you that only the 800 number in which she gives me the wrong number.This store has the worse Customer Service I have ever seen I have been in management for more than 15 years an I would fire each one of those who was involved..How they carelessly take customers cash money and won't return it until they are ready...Something needs to be done fast and I Want my money back!!

Review about: Subway Manager.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.


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