Yesterday I went to subway and a very nice lady by the name Bev assisted me and she is such a sweet lady she had 3 other customers ahead of me and was working so hard to get us all done I asked her if she had any help she said yes he's the supervisor I told her he can't help you she stayed quite then a couple of minutes six more people walk in and the supervisor Fernando still doesn't come out she asks him can please bring me more ham am out I have a lot of orders he brings her the ham and just pushed it on to the counter doesn't even place it in correctly for her doesn't even help after he hears me complaining is when he decides to come out I asked him for hes name he said Fernando what's your problem why do you need my name but yelling at me so of course I yelled at him back a supervisor doesn't act like that even if you are having a bad day if you are short-staffed then help don't be in the back on your phone no need to be rude he was aggressive and made everyone feel scared I think he has anger issues. Please check your employees mental healthelp

User's recommendation: don't go there I didn't record but it was a mental health issue with your employer.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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You are seven, you have no right yelling back as an adult. Hopefully when you get older you have more patience.


If you don’t like the wait, then leave.

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