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Our family is in a bad place right now. We are diligent with our bills and are not in debt, but we are also out of money and are having to spend more on school loans and other bills than our family is making. I currently dont have a job, not because I am not working hard enough to get one, but because the unemployment rate in my town is one of the highest in the country. I first went to the Roseburg subway on Stephens about two and a half months ago and started signing in every day for about a month before any of the management noticed me. After finally getting noticed, they set up an orientation day that was a week and a half away. At this time our family was completely out of money and I was unsure if I would even have the gas to be able to go, but i didn't tell them that because I am not a cry baby and I can get through these things. During the orientation we were able to talk to the owner, and we found out that he is a perverted ***. I might be overstating who he is, but as for what I observed, he would say anything to be able to touch a girl and would arrest somebody over a sandwich that is unpaid for. After the orientation it was ANOTHER week before i was able to come in and fill out my paperwork to become "legally" employed. At this point I was sure that I had the job and I thought our family would be in the clear, so I discussed what shifts and positions were available after I filled out my paperwork. The manager wanted to put me in the Harvard restaurant, and I told her that I didn't care where I worked, but that I would prefer the Stephens position. She scheduled me in to do training at the harvard building, and it was three days later. It is an understatement to say that I was ready to start work. I went shopping for new clothes with the little bit of money I have been saving up for a month, and I was excited to start my new job. On the day I came in to do training, the manager wasn't there, so I went to the main office and found her there. I asked her why she wasn't there do do the training, she told me that she has filled all the available positions because I said that I didn't want to work at that restaurant. I asked her if there were other positions available and she said all positions were filled and I would have to wait until somebody is fired or quits. At this point I am out of money and our family will go bankrupt within the next few weeks.

So I want the manager to see this, and know the weight of the decision she made and how she possibly ruined my future.

I also want to say that I signed in every day for a month, I waited more than two months for this job to start, I put all of my effort into making this work, I came to every appointment and meeting early, I acted better that everybody else, nobody else signed in for more than a week before they got the job, I also had to drive from out of town every day to be able to sign in, I used probably over $100 in gas just going to subway and back, and they don't even say they're sorry or even seem to care that they ruined my future. Although I think that I might still get a job, because the work environment there is so *** that there might be people quitting within the week. I wouldn't want to work there anymore, but I don't even have a choice anymore.

So, Roseburg Subway, thank you for considering me. I will be the better man and forgive you even though I am utterly angry right now.


A Hot Fiery Ball Of Rage

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Eugene, Oregon, United States #675612

The subway in Eugene Oregon owned by bob and Amy (off river road and also barger) is even worse. Amy is probably 20 years younger than bob and met him at subway and home wrecked his marriage.

So much sexual harassment and mistreatment goes on at that store it should be shut down. I've literally seen an employee drop a loaf of bread on the floor and then add it to the bread cart.

Talk about standards... Joke!


More than likely there is a day labor agency where you live, try that. I also think that besides the private day labor organizations, most states have something like that.

In order to have a chance of getting assigned to a position on a given day, the people where I live have to start lining up about 2AM. Also where I live the employees at Subway where uniforms, so why would you go out and buy new clothes for the job?

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