My wife and a friend attempted to do a Christian act by taking 12 disadvantaged children to Six Flags in Arlington. Since they were short on money to get the 12th child in, they decided to park one car outside the park at a Subway 916 Six Flags Dr.

where they saw NO No-parking signs. A few hours later when they retuned my wife's car had been towed by order of the manager-according to the employees inside-they said he does it all the time. The fact is that she parked away from the Subway in a space nextdoor where no business resides.

It cost $250 to get the car. Sounds like he has family in the towing business.

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First Born Triplet
Markham, Ontario, Canada #817445

Well technically your wife was not eating at Subway so they have every right to tow her car. The manager does not have someone in the towing business.

If everyone went to park their car in Subway just to save money on parking fees then there would be no parking for customers, and I don't buy this whole my wife is a doing her Christian duty thing, you are just using that phrase to make Subway look bad. If you were eating at Subway they would not tow your car so your title is a lie.


So if everyone followed your wife' bad example and parked their car to save the parking fee than there would be no room for customers. Your wife did wrong and needs to pull up her big girl pants and admit she made a made a mistake and if she is Christian ask God for forgiveness.

As for the people disagreeing with you being wife beaters, you just assume this and judge from their comments, doesn't your religion teach you not to judge?


You can't just park your car anywhere you please. Parking in a place of business like Subway and you're not going to get a sandwich is taking up space for other customers.

Owners and managers have a right to have a car towed if you're just going to park and leave elsewhere.

You're complaining because you broke a rule and someone was enforcing it.

Taylorsville, Kentucky, United States #317287

Thanks for agreeing with me William, these other people are obviously wife beaters and not Christain.


Just because you didnt see any signs does not mean there were not any signs. I think Subway had every right to tow your car. Sorry!


Don't bring religion into this, it's an excuse and it's tacky, the wife should just own up to what she did wrong. :p


Par the fact that people want to jump down this persons throat for posting his story and what not I love how no one even attempted to understand exactly what is really wrong with this.

Why would you blame Subway about what happened that had no relation to the store itself. Unlike most of these people I will say hey money is tight and trying to save a buck is ok. Hypocrits like everyone else who belittled you annoy me alot.

Anyway I have worked at many subways and never once is there any rule about cars not being allowed to park there as long as they are out of the way. The point i am trying to make is that your venting your anger at the wrong source.


Uh wow just because there isnt a no parking sign doesnt mean park your car there and leave it for long periods of time. Get over yourself, you shouldn't have parked there. Should have got you a footlong.


"Attempted to do a Christian act..."? Do all your "Christian Acts" involve setting a poor example for kids and pinning your irresponsible acts on a business owner? Forget the Christian "act" ridiculousness and just be good for goodness sake...and stop making excuses for your irresponsibility.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #211714

For someone who is claiming to be a dedicated Christain you sure are making Christians look bad. This whole letter is a lie. You mislead people into thinking that if they eat at Subway their car can be toed when the truth is you did not have any intention of eating there anyway but just used their spot as a parking space.


A mall can have your car towed if you park in their lot and then take the bus to go somewhere else. Likewise, if you park in a restraunt lot to go somewhere else, it is legal for the restraunt to have your car towed.

Also, you are complaint is about the actions of a single person, not a restraunt chain. You can say it was at that location, but the chain is not responsible for the manager's actions. If you have a problem with it, you take it up with him/her in civil court.

P.S. The fact that you felt it necessary to use your religion to make people sympathize with you only harms your cause more.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #205163

Family in the towing business. I don't buy that.

Your wife parked at Subway when she was not dining there so they have every right to call the towing company. Let that $250 be a lesson for you. Your wife could have easily went to an ATM and taken out the money instead of parking at Subway. He has every right to call the towing company for non customers parking in the parking spot.

That does not mean he knows people in the towing company. It just means he is tired of people parking there when they are not supposed to. He does not need people parking their cars and spending hours at Six Flags and not leaving room for customers. It is good that you did the Christain thing for those children.

However when you blame them for towing the car for your wife's own neglience you are not being very Christain as someone else stated. Again this makes me laugh.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #205160

Your wife broke the law and parked in the Subway Parking lot so she would not have to pay the parking fee. Some Christain she is. ALso your wife is obviously a liar or blind because any place with an amuesment park nearby does have "Parking is for customers only signs."

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #205158

Common sense would tell you NOT to park your car at the Subway. That is for customer's only.

Don't try to score pity points by claiming your friend and wife were doing your Christain duty. A Christian also takes responsibility for her actions. That is private property he has every right to tow the car. Your wife took the change.

All of a sudden she lost her Christain act when she was in the wrong because she did not want to admit she was wrong.

Also I know the Subway you are talking about and there ARE no parking signs. Either your wife did not see them or she is lying and if she is lying that is not very Christain of her is it?

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