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I'm a business owner and a mom. I visited a Subway Sandwich Shop today for the first time.

Saw ad a couple weeks ago outside store advertising a turkey/avocado/bacon sub. The photo of the sandwich looked great.

Went inside shop. Immediately let down. Very drab atmosphere.

Ordered above sub. Came with 3 small pieces processed turkey, 2 pieces bacon and 3 very small slices avocado...which was spoiled.

Asked wait person to replace the avocado. She did, but reluctantly and with no smile.

Then she asked me which bun I wanted. The bun menu was posted in tiny photos/writing way to right side of an afterthought.

I asked her to recommend one she like best. She did. It was old and crushed looking.

She put a very small dab of mayonnaise on the bun. I asked if Subway had Miracle Whip. She said, "No. I wish we did."

Wait person's attitude was poor. She acted like she was in a hurry and seemed bored with her job. There was one other family at counter getting ready to order...that's all.

So I don't know why she had an attitude.

I waited until I left store to eat sandwich. It was very bland...and poor tasting. The bun tasted like it was very close to spoiling.

Summary: Ad outside store lied. Actual sandwich was NOTHING like the ad. Atmosphere in store bad. Wait person's attitude poor. Sandwich very poor...and the tiny sub cost over $5.

I will never ever order food from Subway again.

Incidentally, I owned an ad agency at one time. Rule of thumb is that for each and every written/verbal complaint, multiply complaint by 1,000. That's the number of people who had a poor experience and didn't bother to complain.

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Alburtis, Pennsylvania, United States #548130

I'm not saying that Subway did a great job but then again, you're expecting too much. and you're really ignorant/cocky.

I highly doubt that you're a business owner.

and there's NO WAY you were part of an ad agency if you're too dumb to realize that fast food ads never look like the real thing. or just about any restaurant for that matter.

Tallahassee, Florida, United States #547252



Two questions. First of all, what does your being a mom have to do with your complaint? Second, as a former ad agency owner surely you know how the images in ads are manipulated to entice customers, don't you?


Pahaha! I have to laugh.

It's crazy, because of ease of access and it's proximity to work, I (only very occasionally) go to Subway - I'm from the UK yet everything you described resonates, the dull attitude, the questionable looking salad, the (how long have they been there looking) buns, everything...just wanted to add my 20cents, or 2-pence! :-)




If you want to save a few bucks and eat where the "brownies" eat, you will have to put up with low quality service and unintelligent, uncivilized behavior. Either get used to it or eat at nicer (white people) places.


Very hard to take you seriously when you show yourself to be a racist •••hole. Also, even if you know kids know bad words doesn't mean that their parents should be using it around them often when they are 9, when they are teens it's fine, but at 9 they are looking for a role model as a parent, not a swearing mom.


The avocado doesn't come in slices, it's in a paste, like guacomole. I don't know where you ate, but it wasn't subway.


if you think subway is bad, just try zeros subs or firehouse subs your sure to throw up.

if you want a good sub go to the white house sub shop in Atlantic city.

to george Tampa, Florida, United States #643382

My only problem is I'm not sure if the meat is any good.

You don't know how long the meat has been setting out and may be partially spoiled that it can cause nausea. I've had that this happen to me several times when I got turkey breast, otherwise, I like their other subs.


Your an ***. Spoiled avacodo?

How would that be? Spoiled bun? How would that be? I think your just misery looking for company.

Get a life.

First time at Subway? That one is hard to believe also.


I hope the state takes your kid away.


you sound like a bad mom, swearing in front of a 9 year old in public is trailer trash talk. Also someones colour is irrelevant in dtermining their value as a US citizen. you sound like a racist bigot and if i owned the store i would ban you

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