Subway advertises "eat fresh!" So how can you "eat fresh" when everything they use to make your sandwich has been pre-sliced and has been laying around for HOURS before you even walk into the store?

The pictures they show of a Subway sandwich, which you assume you are going to walk out with, are PHONY! It's a picture of a sandwich that would choke a horse, and even if they did make it to the representative size displayed in the picture that $5.00 sandwich would cost you about $20.00 or more! Subway is a very bad choice for eating healthy!

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all the food has to be pre packaged and is sealed air tight. they go food faster than your local grocery store do you complain about that?

it's all cooled and a window is put above them to deal in the freshness when there is not customers. if there wasn't a hundred people in line it would be shut but it has to stay open to serve you.


I work at subway none of the food lays around for hours we constantly changing tubs n putting new meat chesse vegs in and there in a cooler at all times


Actually any fast food choice isn't a healthy choice maybe you should look at the nutritional facts. Don't expect your food to look like something in an ad its a bit unrealistic.

Also of course the meat is pre-sliced you think they're going to have people in the back slaughtering cows, chickens, and pigs then preparing and cooking the meat? However Subway does have relatively fresh vegetables as they are cut throughout the day by employees.


People know the calorie content of each sub before they order...its printed right next to the picture on the menu. So as for the claim of "eat fresh" subway is healthyer than alternatives depending what you order.


subway is trash


So you want them to slice everything while you wait? Then you would complain that you had to wait for food. Just because it's been prepped earlier doesn't mean it's not fresh.

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