Subway decided to freeze my gift card without even contacting me to determine if there was a reason for repeat use of the card. So on my next visit, my gift card was rejected.

I expect Subway to compensate me for the inconvenience I had to deal with in using their card. Their attitude is we don't care. Case #844623. Refund of funds was rejected.

Now I have a frozen card which I will keep to remind me not to shop at Subway.

Don't shop Subway. Subway needs to learn that it is better to keep a customer than trying to find a new customer.

Review about: Subway Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $135.

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Yuba City, California, United States #1027207

Got a sway card as gift. Can't activate without giving too much info.

Will stay away from subway forever. They SUCK!


Seems crazy to me that they don't sell a single card with say $25 on it. Instead give you 3 $10 cards and then freeze when you try to combine. Really horrible customer service.

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #888498

The customer could not explain why my subway cash card got frozen again when I combined two cards balance together. What does it mean" too much activities"? I used to go to subway for lunch every weekday, maybe not anymore.


You have to call the toll free phone number on the back of your Subway gift card. You'll be able to talk to a representative and they will unfreeze it for you.

The employees in the stores don't have the necessary technology to unfreeze it for you in the store.

You have to call the number on the back. That is a glitch that will occasionally happen if you merge two card balances to one card.

to Maya Littleton, Colorado, United States #924381

No, store can not un-freeze a card. This happened to me on 12/31/14 and after calling the number on the card they tell me that it's a Corporate decision to freeze my card with a $52 balance and that they, nor I, can directly contact Subway Corporate to ask why this happened and to ensure it doesn't happen again.

So in 24 to 48 business hours (across a weekend, or so) my card will be unfrozen and most likely with no explanation.

Now that's customer service. Bah!..


I work at a Subway during my college breaks, and would like to explain some things. When using a card, such as a gift card or a "points card", there is a limit to the amount of times it can be used in a 24 hour period. If the card is swiped more than 3 times in a 24 hour period, it locks the card. This was originally set up in order to prevent workers from stealing points when customers don't have a "points card". It used to be that employees would use their own card and collect points for free food from the company. However, this small small inconvenience can be very easily fixed. There is a phone number on the back of the card. If you dial the number, the assistant on the other end will be able to unlock your card.

Personally, I don't believe the lock up of the card is worthy of a reimbursement, since calling the number will allow you to access all of your cash and points on that card. Additionally, we can not unlock it from the store, you must do it at home.

Have a wonderful day! Hope you get everything worked out.

to Response #791963

I also work at subway. It's not likely that someone is going to eat there four times in a day and if they didn't freeze the cards, employees would be able to take an unbelievable amount of free food home.

It would put the restaurants out of business. I'm tired of customers yelling at me about this, when it is out of my control.

to Rach #832094

The above two entries are poor excuses for the practice of inconveniencing and infuriating customers. They got freakin' security cameras pointed at the cashier - can't they tell if theft is occurring?

Make it clear to employees during orientation that the cameras see everything and if they are even suspected of theft they will be fired.

Consider these entirely realistic examples:

1. When using special promotions (Groupon, Living Social) that don't cover the entire cost of a sub, one can pay the balance with a card. However, because only one promotion can be used per purchase and multiple promotions are validly being used by a family, each remaining balance must be paid off the card in successive transactions resulting in a frozen card after the second transaction.

2. My registered card is frozen when transferring funds from other cards TO it.

Utterly ***.


One time my card got frozen on the first transaction because the cashier screwed up the process. To their credit, in that case, they allowed me to use the shop phone to call customer service.

to Rach #988325

I find it very frustrating when you have no idea that your 25 dollars was "frozen" and you order all of your food only to have your card declined and then the customer service is closed and there is no way to have it unfrozen at the time so then you end up having to pay 30 dollars out of pocket when you were planning on using a card. I dont really care much for Subway but we were given a gift card and wanted to use it. Pathetic.

to Rach #1027208

Goes to show how nasty subway really is.

Good ol' thievin' employees. They must pay minwage.

to Response #1005488

the service i called said they would pick up in 7 minuets. its been 30 and im still waiting.


i didnt know subway gave credit cards now, to be able to freeze a gift card for repeated use?? sounds *** since its for that reason

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