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I was on a trip out to Alaska. I normally do not choose to eat at Subway since I am not a huge fan from past experience with them.

Unfortunately I was with people that did not share my views and I had no other choice for breakfast. I got the steak and egg breakfast sandwich they offer. Not sure how they can legally call it steak. It was chewy little chunks of things like were colored like steak but has anyone at Subway actually tasted steak?

I don't think they have.

Also I have friends that have had the misfortune to work at Subway so I know how bad their bread is so I thought I would try the flat bread. Was just as stale as their other style.

Review about: Subway Sandwich.

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They have the best bread. That is why I eat there.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #780828

Stop thinking you're getting Red Lobster quality steak. It's shaved beef steak.

I've tried it, and it's so and so to me. If the bread is so bad, then they obviously don't know how to make it right, or they are selling old bread.

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