I went to Subway this day.I have not been for quite some time.

I now remember why I hav't been. I ordered a "Cold Cut Combo". Bahhhh, this was the most bland tasteless peice of *** I ever tried to eat. I am not sure what they use for Cold Cuts, maybe cooked oakmeal?

some sort of fillers.... even the Am Cheese had no taste or even color. They did put two pickle slices and two small slices of pepper rings on the sandwich. Tomatoe was not too bad, lettus was very skant.

As they made the sandwich I noticed the "MAKER" was looking entirely the oposite way for some reason. not sure why... Maybe as an excuse for not getting much of anything on the sandwich. The so called meat in the sandwich had this strange light brown color simular to maybe cardboard?

Maybe it was wet cardboard? That would explain the taste.....

"Subway's Special of The Day" would be to walk on by.Get Soy Cereal dog at the corner.

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My god your grammar is horrible


Excuse me, i believe its called 'sandwich artist'. Not 'maker'. YOu know there are other sandwiches besides the five dollar ones ;)


grow up drama queen.The Cold Cut Combo is the worst piece of *** ever made.

it's basically bologna with ham and salami. Yea, not that exciting.

Just b/c you don't like a sandwich doesn't mean you should waste our time here.

Get something real for a change.Get a club, steak, or something..


I've had the Cold Cut Combo and it tastes fine to me. if you don't like it, get something else. there's no reason for you to cry like a picky child just because something didn't taste good to you, so get over yourself.


yea, you're just an *** that's our worst sub.Who goes to subway and orders bologna?

smh. That's like going to a pizza shop and ordering a cheeseburger. Speaking of the amount of veggies on you're sub if you want me all ya gotta do is ask. C'mon now don't be shy.

Remember we're just a bunch of bums who are below you. You *** roses.

We aren't trying to pay our way through college or anything.Next time I recommend you try the BMT or Club, anything you get off the 5$ menus is gonna be weak, don't be a cheap *** next time.


Yes their luncheon meats are thin, bland and tasteless. No amount of vegetables can make up for poor quality meats and breads.

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