So today my daughter was fired from her first job at subway. After 3 months of hating it, but still glad she got anything she walked in and was told she was fired.

Her fellow employees apparently wrote an essay about her saying "She dropped a piece of bread then swore at the manager" the problem is I was there when that happened, she didn't do anything. I regret even letting my child get a job at this horrible place. Not only was it dirty, UN-kept and no first aid kits. Her fellow employees wouldn't do their work or even be nice to a customer.

Yet they'd /always/ blame my daughter!

It was ridiculous. Even customers would tell my daughter to "go kill herself" because of a limit on olives and I find this establish ridiculous to say the least.

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They fired me without reason. Saying that I'm slow paced without even telling me.

I would have moved faster if they told me but yeah no one try to work for Subway. Especially in Manhatten, Illinois.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #594157

You must spend an awful lot of time at your daughter's place of employment. That could be the reason she was fired.

I'm sure customers weren't telling her to kill herself because of the amount of olives she could put on a sub. Somebody is exaggerating about something.

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