Enjoy subway on a regular basis, but last visit to 30th Street Station Amtrak Philadelphia was truly 'the pits". Ordered sub w/all vegetables, which included pre-sliced black olives.

Yes, you guessed it... somehow a pit was still in the olives, missed by the canner and also missed by the sub maker. Never expected that I should be sifting this food to look for this. End result was a tooth cracked into 2 pieces down to the root.

OUCH!!! I returned to the counter and showed the employee the tooth pieces and the olive pit and told him that he needed to check the olives for pits. You do not expect something like this when "chowing down" on a sandwich. Email to Subway main site was not returned.

I have dental insurance, fortunately, and anticipate that this will cover my expenses. Time and pain not appreciated. Lack of courtesy, in regards to non-response, not appreciated. Carlessness and opportunity for employee training here.

Love the black olives, but NEVER want to go through something like this again. Subway: are you listening???

Review about: Subway Sandwich.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Stay away from SUBWAY!!! There are other SAFER places to eat.

I too have a broken too from eating a sub. Never again.


It is true. You can't expect the employees to be checking through every bag of olives to check for pits.

There is probably one pit in every 2000 bags and the busy stores use many bags of olives a day. You were just unlucky.


Black olives are just poured into the small bins after cutting the pre packaged bag. olive pits are black like the rest of the olive if you have a bunch of olives in your hand you wouldn't be able to tell that you had one.

and if you ask for extra extra black olive, you deserved it. people get fired for putting excess vegetables on sandwhiches.

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