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I went to Subway with my son yesterday, I had a coupon for a free bag of chips with the purchase of a foot-long melt sub. Instead of purchasing a 6inch sub, I purchased a foot-long steak and cheese sub as well as a tuna sub.

I presented my coupon for a free bag of chips at the time of sale. The cashier told me to scan it using the scanning tool. I attempted to do so three times. The transaction was not successful.

The cashier said that their scanner was broken for a week. When he gave me my total, I presumed I had gotten free chip-nope!

User's recommendation: Cancel purchase if they don’t honor coupon.

Product or Service Mentioned: Subway Coupon.

Monetary Loss: $4.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Subway Pros: Good location.

Subway Cons: Does not honor coupons, Broken equipment, Bait and switch tactics, Cannot reach corporate office by phone, Unfair and deceptive business practices.

Location: 14 Kent Town Market, Chester, MD 21619

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Why don't you all shut up and leave me alone.


Also chips do not cost $4. Sounds to me like you cannot afford to pay for a footlong and are trying to get it for six inch.


Your 15 minutes of fame is over. Get off welfare and go find yourself a real job.

Your Troll career is over. Going forward your trolling will be ignored!


I am not this Estella person. But first when you said that someone else wrote that comment I believed you.

Then I saw that comment where you lied and said that Estella is a troll and has no job. You do not know this person and if you keep saying this person is has no job without knowing them you are lying. If you are lying about that you are probably lying about not making that post. But the fact is he has a point.

The post does show up with your username. You are not fooling anyone but yourself. Here is some advice. If you want people to believe you tell the truth the first time.

If you want to claim that someone else made that post sign out.. Then again you can do what you are good at and lie and claim you did not make any posts including falsely accusing the Esstella of trolling and not having a job.

Just do what you are good at. Basically lying and bullying other.s


We would like to


Okay fine I admit i lied. I admit i makes the post about punching my son in the face.

You all do not listen. It was Subway that made me do it. My wife was killed in a car accident. I wish she took my son with her.

I hate him. He ruined my life.


Do NOT lie. You asked for a full refund.

You also want a difference between the foot long and six inch. You are a cheat.


I wrote that my loss was $4.00... how much clearer could I have been.


Oh for crying out loud telling you that you are wrong is not trolling. Mommy needs to give you a good spanking for lying child.


Please go away you’re a troll


You are just showing how immature you are. Stating the truth is not trolling.

You just admitted to beating your son over $4. What a tool you are.


Someone else wrote that. You’re simple and easily confused.

Your stupid and senseless comments are undermining the purpose of this website. Your a disgrace.


Someone else did not write that. YOU wrote that.

IT shows up with your username. So stop lying. You are not fooling anyone. Also telling you that you are wrong is NOT trolling.

Stop lying.

I have a job. Stop lying.


Why do you want a full refund. You ate the food. The most they should do is take off the charge for the chips.


I want a refund for the chip. I feel I’m entitled to the price difference between the 6 inch sub and the foot long because I only purchased the larger sized sub as a condition for getting the chips.

Consumer protection laws are meant to discourage false advertisement as well as bait and switch tactics. I feel this transaction falls into that category.

The staff knew the scanner didn’t work and failed to manually enter the coupon. Where I to go the next level and file suit I would request 3x the damages!


But you ate a foot long sub so you should pay for it

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