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On my lunch i went to the Subway Restaurant on 6133 South Blvd, Charlotte NC 28224. I bought two 6inch subs( cold cut and chicken bacon ranch).

I didnt know that they were footlong February until I got to work and my friends told me. So i called the store to tell my complaint and the Manager comment was," So what do you want me to do about it". She never once appologize or offered me the other half of my sub. She was so rude and uncaring.

She told me well if you want the other half of the sub you will have to buy and said she was busy.

I will never go back to that store and I will tell everyone at work. I will also place the incident on the board at work.

Product or Service Mentioned: Subway Sandwich.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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someone can't read. Looks like someone needs to go back to school.

You got two 6 inches with different meats. If you were looking to get that as a footlong, you're out of luck.

It's not the employees job to tell you EVERYTHING on the menu, etc. Your ordering the sandwich, you should learn how to read.

Stop acting like a child.

Yes, we should tell you what promotions are going on, but at some point, saying that over and over and over is really tiring. That's why subway spent money on signs for you to read.


When I worked for Subway I always asked if they wanted to make it a five dollar foot long. However, I dont see how you "didnt know" since there are posters advertising their deals all over the restaurant.


Chopper you have a point, but if the OP can write this without a tutor she can clearly read. Not her fault she did not notice her surroundings.

Yeah maybe they do need to be trained more, but that does not give the OP the right to throw a temper tantrum like some little kid whose mommy did not buy a chocolate bar at the grocery store. I hope she does put the notice on the notice board.

The notice board is most likely for work related things not for some grown up throwing a temper tantrum because she did not get her way because of her neglegance to read.

The funniest thing about this complaint is she also posted the same complaint on and threatened to her coworkers. She told her male employees that if she saw them eating at Subway she would lie and say they are sexually harassing her, and if she saw a mother eating from subway she would tell child the children's Aid (or whatever child and family services you have in the USA)that they were beating the children


Was she really rude or say you just stating this because you did not get your way. She did not offer you the other half because you did not order a foot long.

Don't get upset at them because you cannot read or chose not to read. You had no reason to complain. I am sure they have signs advertizing this.

I hope you do go telling everyone work what happened and place this incident at work.

Don't forget to tell them that you choose not to read the ad and that when you did not get what you wanted you threw a temper tantrum like a four year old. Well even if you are not honest you will still make a fool of yourself.


A 6 inch chicken bacon ranch sells for $4.50 and probably cost $1.60 to make. So the store would be losing over $1 if you would have got the other 6 inches for the $5 price.

There are commercials running every 5 minutes and signs all over the store. It isn't the employees' or the manager's job to correct you when you fail to see the deal.

Especially if it means that they would be losing money. Own your own mistake and stop misplacing your anger.


I wouldnt have asked. Its more units.

Did you really WANT 2 footlongs?

Would you have ate them? Stop whining.


I wouldnt have asked. Its more units.

Did you really WANT 2 footlongs?

Would you have ate them? Stop whining.


Yes, the employees at the store did do something wrong. Somewhere along the line, the manager needed to train all employees to upsell to the footlong when a customer orders a 6-inch sub.

It's up to the person working the bread/meat/cheese station to do their job and make customers aware of current promotions AT THE POINT OF ORDER.

If the employees are not trained to do this or they are not doing it after being trained, it's up to the store manager to correct the situation either by more training or disciplinary action.

The manager handled the telephone call improperly. Any manager that truly cares about their store will step up and in this case should have offered to mail the customer a coupon for a free 6-inch sandwich.

I am pretty sure that if that had been done, we would not be reading this post.

Can customers behave badly at times? Yes. It is still not a reason for the manager to behave badly in return. If they do, they are in the wrong position.

Are consumers inundated with TV advertising, print advertising in the store? Yes. But after having over a decade of service with the Subway brand, I have learned that many times, customers don't see it. A sign can be placed on top of the glass of the sandwich unit, right in front of the customer, and they won't see it. At times, customers are distracted by something else, and their focus is not on their surroundings. They just come to the store to get a sandwich quickly and need to go.

It's up to ALL of the employees at the Subway store to inform the customers of current promotions. It's up to all of the employees to ASSIST the customer. That's what they are there for. IT'S THEIR JOB. If they don't like it, they need to think about a career change as clearly their passion is not there for Subway.


;)Genrally these specials arae posted on the window and website.People need ato read


WOW! you're F**KING DUMB!

yes, any footlong is 5 dollars this month. BUT YOU GOT 2 6 INCH SUBS! NOT A FOOTLONG! get your facts straight, loser.

if you paid more then oh well, you decided to be unaware of your surroundings since they only post that footlong deal everywhere. and there's constantly commercials on TV for it. I'm glad the person on the phone did nothing for you, you didn't deserve anything. you're greedy, what were you gonna do anyway?

eat 2 footlong subs? and I really don't understand why you think they would offer you a half of a sub when they did NOTHING wrong. you ordered your big meal, you heard that there's a different deal going on AFTER you were done and you missed out. that's your fault.

next time order your 10 footlong subs for yourself instead of acting like a ***.

they did nothing wrong to you and there was absolutely no reason why you deserved free food in that situation. dumb motherf**ker.

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