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My family is regular visitor to subway at Seawood, Nerul Navi Mumbai,India but today around @ 8.30 p m we visited for a parcel of two six inch long veggie patty and corn and peas along three chocolate cookies aggregating bill for INR 385 (310+75) however the cashier didn't give us the bill upon insisting he bluntly said i gave you along the change,we showed our wallet as well but he didn't utter a word and made himself busy with other customer.... Read more

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It might be that Toni in the Dillon SC Subway could use the most current update in customer services skills. Well, how do you base who you greet? I don't have a problem at all being greeted before I place my order. Why stare at me with a frown and puzzled look on your face as if I'm in the wrong place at the wrong time. As for the cashier tonight (can't recall her name but her attitude is all wrong as well). Should've kept driving to Zaxby's... Read more

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  • Subway
  • 2 days ago
  • #854232

I'd like to know where this so-called Meat such as Turkey, Bacon, Cheese is originated from. My complaint lies with the flavor. Everytime I order a sandwich, it never seems to have any flavor. I believe the charge is way too high for the quality. This is not just one location, but all ! Other fast-food restaurants seem to be much more flavorable & less pricey. Add comment

I worked at more then one subway they are the most nastiest places to eat the one i worked in no one cleaned the pans they put the bread on to serve the costumers in over 8 months that i know about they never clean the tea machine right so in that little black hose theres god knows how much black mold ur sucking up the other employees were cry babies and got me transferred to another subway cuz they wasnt getting any hours where the same thing... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Subway
  • May 21
  • #852193

My complaint is asked for mustard and you get the entire bottle , and also I was told the cookies where 3 for $1.00 , when I got my receipt they were $5. Something,I asked 2 times - would not of gotlaw them ., had my brother in law and sister with me. Add comment

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  • Subway
  • May 18
  • #850184

First they hire a *** as their national spokesman, than they deceive us with 11" subs which they call "foot longs" and now they rape us by charging .47 for a simple cup of tap water. I'm done with Subway! Add comment

Subway is nothing but a *** job! They advertise sandwiches for 1 foot long at $6.75 ... The only problem is when you pay it's no longer $6.75 but just about $14... So If I bought 2 of the same, it's almost $30 bucks....!!!? Think about it.....they lure you in at one price and somehow double the price plus... I know many sit down places where you can get a hot tasty meal with many side courses/unlimited various drinks and desert for $30 for... Read more

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Watch em.... When they close at night...everything goes in a refrigerator and comes back out the next day... And repeat the next day and the next.... you get the picture... All they do is ADD when a item is low... Now HOW is this suppose to be fresh.... NEXT ... I order a sandwich for a friend... he gets a drink..... $15 FREAKING DOLLARS ...ARE you FREAKING kidding me...??? I did not even bother to order.... $30 bucks for 2 sandwiches.... and... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Subway
  • May 13
  • #847427

I live in the sticks on a farm in R.I. A new subway opened on the main drag a few miles away I bought a sub that tasted so bad I threw it in the woods and discovered that the animals ate tw bread and left the meat behind! Add comment

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  • Subway
  • May 11
  • #846223

The manager was rude and my sandwich was nasty I will never go back to that place again Add comment

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